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     Glass Greenhouse Systems

Product code : Glass Greenhouse Manufacturing
Producer : MAYÇELİK
Product features
Modern Automated Glass Greenhouse Systems
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Our modern greenhouse systems are designed to meet today's demands. Our modern greenhouse systems include glass greenhouse, polycarbonate greenhouse, nylon greenhouse (polycarbonate wall and nylon roof) alternatives. 

   Our steel constructions are manufactured from 100% hot-dipped galvanize. They are corrosion-resistant for long years.  Our products are assembled with bolts without any use of welding during assembly. They are extra-reinforced with special roof structure, and resistant to high density of snow and to wind power of 120-130 km/h. Hot weather gets out from the highest point due to advantages provided by roof slopes.  Grooves have high capacity of water discharge.  Thanks to sub-groove height of 3m. to 5.5m, ridge height of 5m to 7.5m, and column intervals of 5m, 7m. to 9.6m, this is an ideal selection for producers who need particularly high growing area. Peak ventilation windows are designed as single and double (butterfly) Furthermore, side ventilation systems are also produced based on demand.
   Our automation-controlled turnkey projects are waiting for you with alternatives of plantation with or without soil, and all of their features
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