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Hello there; Dear Mr. and Mrs; My production volunteer friend.
The world population is increasing day by day, 1.33% in 2000, 1.24% in 2010, 1.12% in 2017 and 1.10% in 2020 is expected to increase.
In the world with a population of 7.50 billion, the average increase is 1% every year. While the world population is increasing rapidly, access to food is becoming more difficult. Food production needs to increase by 60-70 per cent to avoid access difficulties. Modern reliable plant investments are required to increase food production. We design and implement modern greenhouse systems for vegetable and fruit production in order not to be affected by bad climatic conditions in summer and winter and to grow better quality vegetables and fruits.As MAY SERA Agricultural Company, we offer projects on covered agricultural structures.
In 2004, our company in Antalya / TURKEY is established to manufacture steel structures and has made the assembly process for many hotels, resorts, business center, production of steel components, such as the structure. We come from a family of farmers in the city of Antalya, which is the cradle of our country's agriculture, continuously enriching our experience and knowledge in building greenhouses while taking into account the needs of plants.

As greenhouse building materials, we produce sera profile and connection clamp sets. The annual production capacity of our machine group is 400 hectares. We design the greenhouse according to the type of plants to be produced in the greenhouse and move the productivity to the highest levels.
The greenhouse systems we have designed are designed according to the climatic conditions of each country.
Investment costs of greenhouse agriculture vary according to the material and energy efficiency used and the system structures are selected according to the regional climate.
The greenhouse system that will be designed for you will be constructed in such a way to consume less energy and provide very high efficiency.
There are two important factors in the structure of the greenhouse light and air conditioning, if these factors are used well, then tomato production in the greenhouse of 10.000m2 takes place as 600 tons / 11 months.
The greenhouse system to be installed should not be less than 40 000m2 in order to minimize the costs of plant production costs (Fertilizer-Pharmaceutical-Energy-Labor).