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Consultancy for Plant Production

Production Consultancy

  • Plant Nutrition Techniques
  • Professional Environment Methods
  • Cultural Processing Techniques to Enhance Productivity
  • Air-Conditioning Applications Using Greenhouse Properties
  • Professional Plant Protection Applications Including Biological Fighting
  • Harvest Suitable for Sales Organization
  • Annual Quality Standard in Production



We provide you with information on the position of products in the market and assist you to decide what you should cultivate based on the time that you will cultivate in your greenhouse within production season and on the type of vegetables that you intent to cultivate.
We assist you with selection and cultivation of sapling, taking into account of market characteristics and type characteristics of products in the short and long term for orchards. 

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We first produce a solution to problems of your soil when we prepare a plant nutrition program, then we prepare a plant nutrition program for soil culture based on the product you will cultivate and analysis of your soil. We try to maximize the yield of your product by conducting necessary analyses every week with our agricultural engineers specialized in the field. 

We prepare a plant nutrition program for soilless culture based on the product to be cultivated. We also provide preparation of fertilizer solutions based on specific formulas. We make sure that you have the highest yield in soilless culture by conducting weekly controls by our agricultural engineers based on the plant structure and any other factors from cultivation of seedling to the end of the season.

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We take care of your products by fighting against pests that would damage your product in biological, organic, and cultural processes. In addition, we identify any disease elements in your greenhouse or garden before it becomes a disease so that we can reduce the use of chemicals, provide benefits to your economy and ensure that you have healthy products.

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