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Things to Know In Greenhouse Business

1- The most suitable times for spreading a greenhouse cover are the hours just before the sunrise.  In spreading processes carried out in hot weather, the cover is spread when the weather becomes cool at night, and some parts stretched may be torn as a result of weakening in time.  

2 - Abstain from over-stretching or making it too loose while fixing the cover.  Never use nails while fixing.  Nail hole is the first cause of tearing of the cover.  Choose plastic bar or clip or other non-nail fixing methods.  

3 - Make sure that the place you choose for spreading the greenhouse cover does not contain torns, nails, and is flat and clean.  

4- Greenhouse frames are one of the most important factors affecting the life of the cover.  If the frame is made of wood, make sure that it is sliver-free, grated and that its parts in contact with the cover are wrapped with nylon.  If the frame is made of metal, it should be dyed white and burr-free, and its parts in contact with the cover should be wrapped with nylon.  

5 - Taking regional winds into consideration while selecting the place for greenhouse affects tearing of the cover or heating of the inner parts of the greenhouse. 

6- Do not directly spray on greenhouse cover while applying insecticide. Insecticides deteriorate and weaken the cover as they include chemicals. 


Bumble bees do not continuously form colonies.  These bees are not aggressive.  Bumble bees are quite different from honey bees.

You can do your job easily while the bees are inseminating; they never hurt people. People used to perform insemination by hand or through honey bees.
Honey bees do not work well in greenhouses.

Insemination by hand is quite difficult and causes waste of time a lot. As a result of insemination performed by hand, quality of fruit becomes low, they get soft shapes and are not suitable for exportation.  Producers cause moisture formation as a result of insemination they perform by hand on eggplant and tomato, and this leads to rust (botryis) disease.

So, what are the benefits of Bumble bees? Bumble bees carry out excellent insemination under any circumstances. If weather conditions are bad, they are affected by it and don't go out. Another difference of Bumble bees from honey bees is that honey bees inseminate 5 flower a minute while Bumble bees can inseminate 30-40 flowers.

Bumble bees perform quite good insemination both in greenhouses and on open fields.  As a result of the insemination carried out with Bumble bees, inner sections are completely filled with seed and they have same sizes.
Another characteristic of Bumble bees is that they are quite sensitive to insecticides.  During application of insecticide, bees should be put somewhere else, and then taken back.  

When it gets dark, bees go back to their hives.  
This box contains around 60-70 bees and these bees may inseminate an area of 1-2 decares; however, bees are not long-lasting. One box of bees can provide an efficient insemination of 6-8 weeks.